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Specifications of PEEK (Sheet/Rod)

PEEK (Polyetheretherketone) is known throughout the machined parts industry as one of the toughest, highest performing engineering plastic materials on the market today. PEEK is a high-performance thermoplastic that is tough, durable, firm, and creep resistant. It offers excellent thermal, chemical, and hydrolysis resistance as well as excellent resistance to abrasion and dynamic fatigue. Its ability to run at high continuous temperatures up to (480º F) without permanent property degradation along with stable electrical properties makes PEEK an excellent alternative to fluoropolymers in aggressive environments. PEEK has also been shown to exhibit very low smoke and toxic gas emission when exposed to flame.

Applications:Gears, wear strips, bushes, metering pumps, light mountings, friction bearings, ball valve seals, pump housings, wafer supports, plug parts and impact plates.

Key Features:
Temperature: -40°C up to +260°C.
Creep resistant and excellent resistance to high energy radiation.
Hydrolysis resistant, even against super-heated steam.
Extremely strong and wear resistant plastic.
Noise dampening.
Highly machinable.


PEEK (Sheet/Rod)

Main Technical Parameters of Regular PEEK (Sheet/Rod)

Specifications of PVDF (Sheet/Rod)

PVDF is a tough, stable fluoropolymer with distinct engineering advantages.

A semi-crystalline thermoplastic, PVDF is used in applications requiring the highest of purity and will withstand harsh chemicals, PVDF is one of the highest radiation resistance plastics available, only seconded by PEEK and Polyimide.It's highly desirable insolubility and electrical properties results from the polarity of alternating CH2 and CH2 groups on the polymer chain.

PVDF has a low density (1.78/cm3) compared to other fluoropolymers.PVDF is available in Rod, Tube and Sheet form and is processed by Injection moulding, compression moulding and hot moulding. Commonly used in the Semiconductor, defence, chemical and medical industries as well as in the production of lithium-ion batteries.

Key features:
Heat resistance
High abrasion resistance
Low permeability to most gases and liquids
Weather resistant
Low weight
Mechanical strength
Radiation resistance
Good electrical insulator
Resistance to chemical corrosion

PVDF (Sheet/Rod)

Main Technical Parameters of Regular PVDF (Sheet/Rod)

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